Book Sale

** The April 3-5 Book Sale has been canceled. **

The semi-annual Clayton Library Used Book Sale is a great way to support the library and get a fantastic deal on many fine books at a low price.

Most books are $1 and most children’s books are $.50. Half off most remaining books on Sunday. Five Bucks a Bag Sunday from 2pm to 4pm.

On the Friday before the Used Book Sale we offer a special preview open to Clayton Community Library Foundation members only (membership available at the door).

Donate your used books!  We can use most books which are in reasonable condition.  A book might go in the collection, depending upon the librarian’s needs, we might be able to sell it, or at worst we will recycle it.  Our primary purpose is NOT recycling, so please don’t donate what should be recycled!

We DON’T ACCEPT magazines, even though it is tempting to donate those nice old National Geographics!   We DON’T ACCEPT  Reader’s Digest Condensed Books–they do not sell. Also, no textbooks older than 10 years! (The more current ones sell, sometimes).  The same goes for that old encyclopedia set–more current ones sell.

Please drop off your donations during library hours! (You might eventually find them in the bookstore room or on the shelves!)

Why not purchase a few (dozen?) books at our book sales, read them, and donate them for another sale?  That re-cycling will work until it is time to truly recycle them!