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Internet/Computer Docent

Volunteer Opportunity

At individual branches to assist patrons in the use of the Internet.

Examples of Duties

Upon completion of orientation and training, docents will assist patrons with:

        1.  Connecting to the Internet
        2.  Basic operations of the graphical browser program :
            -saving files
            -use of electronic mail (email)
            -Usenet newsgroups

        3.  Help locating a specific site/URL a patron wishes to visit
        4.  General suggestions on "cool" or interesting sites to visit
        5.  Basic computer maintenance (Such as deleting unwanted files from the hard drive or the Internet account)

Qualifications and Skills

Must be familiar with the Internet and have experience with the World Wide Web and graphic browsers: possess basic teaching skills, patience, and the desire to share knowledge with others.  Must be service-orientated and have the ability to work with people who possess diverse levels of computer knowledge and skills.  An orientation is provided.

Time Commitment

Two hours per week for six consecutive months.

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